Sunday, January 25, 2009

I believe that Marx’s theories do serve a purpose, though not the purpose that he imagined. His theories have proven profitable for capitalism. Capitalism has survived through its critique of Marxism. Communism may not be an operable alternative to capitalism, but it has been useful in its reform. Capitalism can only survive through adopting some measures of socialism. The welfare state is an essential government intervention providing social programs as a safety net for capitalism. While the welfare state has many structural problems today, government intervention is necessary to assist the poor and buffer the economy. Businesses cannot be solely relied upon to provide for the welfare of their workers, as profit is the bottom line. What would Marx say about our current system of welfare capitalism?

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  1. I think he would see it a something that is inhibiting the revolution from occurring. Without it, I think things would be much worse for the laborers and they would be more likely to band together and overthrow the system.

    Does anyone agree?

    Do you think the welfare system serves a parallel function to religion in Marx's theory?