Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Critical Theory of Societal Oppression

Critical theory presents a paradigm shift in sociological study bringing a new perspective with a social consciousness to sociology while it seeks to analyze society as an environment consisting of insidious, detrimental & deceiving forms of oppression inflicted on society in the form of culture industry. Critical theory is concerned with identifying all the many subtle, nuanced, covert and obvious ways that humans are oppressed by society today. Critical theory indicts society as being so brain-washed by the system that it cannot develop an objective viewpoint that would expose the status quo for the systemically oppressive machine that it actually is.
What are some of the specific ways in which cultural industry manipulates society?
Do you personally see and feel some aspect of the cultural industry intruding into your life? What are they, and how are you affected?

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  1. One way cultural industry manipulates society is marketing and consumerism we are so brain- whashed by all this ads and promos that we go buy what we dont need most of the time