Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Discourse and subjects

According to Foucault, the use of discourse to communicate forces an individual to make judgements that subjectify and objectify themselves. For instance, I am a student at UTEP. By entering into discourse about where I go to campus, I limit my explanation of myself. I may want to describe myself as partly a student, partly a researcher, and that some of my learning takes place within and outside of school. However, in order to enter into the discourse of school attendance, based on the methods already existing within society to describe school attendance, by stating "I am a student at UTEP" I give myself a set position and qualities, qualities that I may not agree with completely. Furthermore, as I continue to use that position, I may find my mindset shifting to eventually represent that position completely within myself, even if I did not agree with it originally.

What are some concepts about yourself that you believe you cannot express properly by taking a position as it exists within modern language and culture? What are some concepts you believe have changed based on your own use of a specific position?

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